We offer a choice of Aluminum frames with mill finish and four color options. We offer this product catering to all the requirement of the customers and dealers for all types of window & door mosquito net. Furthermore, it’s accurate in dimensions & surfaces with the frame length of 12ft & 15 ft.

The sturdy virgin aluminum frames made up for even rough handling and also makes mosquito net system to withstand for longer years. The netlon aluminum frames are specially coated with “asanable powder coating” procedure which undergoes different stage process, so that the coatings have a special and thick bond with the aluminum frame surface, this prevents the frames from rain, a cold and heat to affect the aluminum surface directly which means the resistance from corroding and eroding never happens and the life span gets long lasting.


T 6063 has an ultimate tensile strength. In thickness, it has elongation more in thicker sections. It allows complex shapes to be formed with very smooth surfaces fit for anodizing and so popular for visible architectural applications such as window frames, door frames.