“Coming home is one of most beautiful things ever.” Bamboo blinds are fabricated from premium quality raw bamboo weaved perfectly with stings. All designs are exclusively created, which gives the option for making a traditional and splendid look along heat reduction & light control properties. Being a leading bamboo chick blind dealers and suppliers we provide two different types of blinds uniquely designed for interior and exterior usage.

Main advantage of this screen is privacy factors followed with excellent solar control features such as blocking the heat from outward and not emit them inward. The mild acoustical features allow controlling the echo within the surface where the curtains are installed. Bamboo curtain screens release decent level of oxygen, contributing positively to the atmosphere’s oxygen-carbon dioxide balance and control, bamboo window blinds & screens block UV rays, protecting your interior furnishings from direct sunlight. They are available in a wide range of color choice with different patterns to match the interior, exterior need.

They come with two different operations such as Roller blinds & Roman blinds series with manual and motorized options. They can be suggested for windows, balconies, porticos, large opening areas, etc. for both residential and commercials spaces.

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How to maintain

  • Easy to handle and user-friendly operations
  • Soft brushes can be used to wipe out the dust
  • Wet sponge or water wash should not be done
  • No hard materials, detergents and soap waters to be used