Barrier Free mosquito net is a special type of mosquito door net system which suits to architectural aesthetics based on large opening spaces; barrier-free mesh door gives a classy look to the living space with an artistic touch.

This mosquito net doors & windows system designed with chain fold technology which gives uninterrupted path in living space.

Crease fit barrier-free fly screens with intelligent folding technology makes the folding to be unique and uniform. The insect screens works on spring less technology with PVC based chain along the runner in floor

This window & door bug net are bundled with see through weaving technology so that the uniform pattern allows an uninterrupted view and ventilation through the insect screen door to feel the natural breeze and light into the living (commercial) space which soothes you with natural benefits

Retractable barrier Free mosquito door is innovative mosquito screening solution can be suggested to doors, balconies, French doors in apartments, individual house or to the commercial spaces in different industries

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How to Maintain:

  • The Door net screens non-detachable, wet cloth or tissue can be used to wipe the net
  • No hard brushes or tools are suggested to clean the screens or frames
  • Soft paint brushes or vacuum cleaner can be used
  • After gentle wash due to rapid dry technology, the screen be dried quickly and look clean

Mesh option:

            Fiberglass net (Vinyl coated)

Frame color option:

            Milk white, Ivory, Dark brown, Honey Gold