Besides the traditional mosquito net solution the initial system with aluminum frames is “classic window mosquito net,” they are normally referred to netlon window mosquito net.

This option is available all over the market but being a major mosquito net, insect screen manufacturers, suppliers, dealers our products are carefully designed and fabricated with rigid aluminum frames and high-quality mesh with European standards.

Galaxy insect screens give a clear opaqueness through the net installed in the frames; this protects the surface from mosquitoes, insects, bugs etc, and allows gentle air and light flow.

The sequential weaving pattern makes the mesh window screen as invisible mosquito net so the visualizing the screen is possible only we step near.

Mosquito net for windows door can be suggested to all type of windows like wooden, aluminum or upvc models, these detachable type windows are the better choice for ventilators, living room, balcony & French type of windows to any floor extent in apartments, individual house and to the commercial spaces in different industries. They come with PCV locks for steady locking.

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How to Maintain

  • The fly screen window nets are easy to handle and detach, normal water wash is highly recommend
  • No hard brushes or tools are suggested to clean the screens or frames
  • Soft paint brushes or vacuum cleaner with mild brush can be used
  • After gentle wash due to rapid dry technology it will be dried quick and  ready to mount

Mesh option:

            Fiber glass net, Aluminum net, Stainless steel net (304 F Grade)

Frame color option:

             Milk white, Ivory, Dark brown, Honey Gold