“Elegance is when the outside is beautiful as the inside.” Window blinds not only acts as solar resistance they also plays a prominent role in decorative product for interior spaces, among these blinds there are options to serve the purpose of external usage commonly known as outdoor or exterior blinds.

Prominent window blinds dealers, suppliers and manufacturers in the market have solutions for the exterior surface along the interior blinds. Roller blinds play a prominent role in exterior blind needs. Exterior PVC window blinds, Exterior roller blinds, Monsoon exterior blinds, Exterior bamboo blinds are the types to block solar light partially, completely/heat completely before they reach interior surface and make the room cool, resulting to reduce air-conditioning costs.

These sun control screens are permanent solution mainly replace sun control films, etc. They are designed to be long lasting and durable in extremely hot climates and other seasons. They are suggested as options to residential and commercial spaces for porticos, balconies, swimming pools, etc. Manual and motorized options are available on the budget based blinds choice of the clients.

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How to maintain

  • Easy to handle and user-friendly operations
  • Soft brush & wipes can be used to clean out the dust
  • A damp cloth can be used to remove the strains