Being the leading mosquito net dealers there are different fitment options available for doors & windows, the foremost choice among those fitments for mosquito screen windows is “Fasten mosquito net” this is usually known as a netlon mosquito net.

It is a budget based system made up with fine fiberglass net yarn of equal spacing which gives uniformity in structures and uninterrupted visibility with invisible net properties to the insect screen.

A uniform pattern allows gentle ventilation and light to live in space instead of darkening the space.

These fitments not only free home from mosquitoes, flies, and insects but from cockroaches, lizards, etc., Presence of antimicrobial properties control, destroy the growth of fungus and bacterial formations in insect screen, keep them clean and resisted.

This mosquito screen system can be suggested to windows, ventilators, balconies, exhaust, etc., in any wooden surface it can be fixed directly if not with extra wooden reapers it can be fixed accordingly. The other type is adhesive hook and loop insect screen especially suggested for UPVC and aluminum kind of windows.

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How to Maintain:

  • Easy to detach the net soaked with mild detergents and hand rinsed with normal water
  • Normally washed with normal water without any detergents
  • No machine, hard brushes or tools are suggested because it can damage the screens.
  • After gentle wash due to rapid dry technology, it will be dried quick and ready to mount

Mesh option:

  • Fiberglass net (Vinyl coated) (Black & silver grey)

Frame color option:

  • White and black