The “Heavy sliding mosquito net” is another option in sliding insect screen systems. Heavy sliding mosquito net has similar look to the UPVC sliding windows they are generally suggested to the larger openings due to its heavy solid frame structure.

High quality galaxy mosquito mesh is used to fabricate the system. Insect screen with an invisible pattern allows a clear vision through the mosquito mesh installed in the frames; they protect the living space from mosquitoes, insects, bugs etc, and allow gentle ventilation and light inward.

The sequential weaving pattern allows a uniform pattern which makes the system as invisible mosquito net solution.

Due to the strong frame solidity without any supporting cross sections in the middle the fitment can be suggested to larger openings. Mosquito net for windows can be mounted directly with the basis of space availability, this fly screen can suggested to windows, French type windows, balcony doors etc to any floor extent in apartments, individual house or to the commercial spaces in different industries

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Heavy Glide System

  • This Mosquito screen for windows and balconies are non detachable, wet cloth or tissue can be used to wipe the net
  • No hard brushes or tools are suggested to clean the screens or frames
  • Soft paint brushes or vacuum cleaner can be used
  • After gentle wash due to rapid dry technology, it will be dried quickly and look clean

Mesh option:

           Fiberglass net, Aluminum net, Stainless steel net (304 F Grade)

Frame color option:

           Milk white, Ivory, Dark brown, Honey Gold