“The safety of the people shall be the highest law.” Industrial blinds are transparent PVC material with magnificent see-through qualities this allows the light to pass through with minimum amplification, avoids harmful ultraviolet rays and dust to pass in. PVC strip curtains are mainly suggested to commercial and industrial areas.

PVC industrial strip curtains are designed for the applications to suit general weather conditions. They are designed by using lightweight PVC strip with a small overlap like normal vertical blinds for internal doors & heavy strips with maximal overlap for the largely exposed doorways. Industrial vertical blinds are most commonly suggested solutions for the industries to protect employees & goods from conflicting environmental conditions such as heat, cold, noise, humidity, dust, insects and drafts where continual passage is unavoidable.

Being the leading blinds dealers & suppliers we provide the industrial blinds with different color options and high-quality service and standards.

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How to maintain

  • Easy to handle and user-friendly operations
  • Soft brush can be used to wipe out the dust
  • Normal water wash or water spray is recommended