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Stainless Steel

  • The 316 is A grade alloy and our mesh is woven from 304 type alloy
  • The 304 alloy is commonly know to as Food grade alloy
  • This is made from high quality stainless steel, Type 304 composition of iron, 18% chromium, and 8% nickel Austenitic stainless steels.
  • Each yarn is 0.006 inch thickness and woven with uniform spacing
  • Due to its fine wiring diameter it has improved durability and more protection from insects
  • Improved visibility and air flow is a key feature.
  • This is suitable for conventional screening applications like door, windows etc.
  • The powder coated properties adds the value for the durability features
  • The powder coating protects from rusting, so it withstands more years
  • Durable, Flame retardant, fungus and bacterial free
  • Lead free
  • Roll width Available 3 ft, 4 ft & 5ft
  • Available colors: Black

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